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Melt of the Month Club

How It works

Each year we send you 12 of our amazing melts.  We ship them out 4 times a year. So you will get 3 in January, 3 in April, 3 in July and 3 in Oct.  Every month will be  different scents that are based on the season of the year.  We ship 4 times a year simply to keep your cost of shipping down.  

This is a subscription so if you don't want to continue after the first year or you're looking to buy a 1 year gift for someone you simply need to cancel your membership.  

As of right now we are only offering this as a yearly membership that is paid up front for the entire year. I simply hate the idea that if we billed and shipped this every month that the shipping cost would be too high for our amazing clients. Should you have any question feel free to contact us.

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