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A story of Wax and suds

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Meet randy & Daria

How blessed are we... 

I have had a passion for hand made candles for about 30 years now. My amazing wife has been making home made soaps, lotions, bath bombs & more for about 15 years. That started when one day I woke up and poof I was allergic to well almost everything. Daria started making our own soaps as anything i got at the store did not play well with my body. She is simply amazing at it...    Our wax blend came to be because we could not get perfection from any existing waxes, so we made our own. After many years of testing and adjusting we released it 6 years ago. Folks just fell in love with it!

We love to do shows and fairs. There is just something that is very nice about getting to meet the many people that have used our products.

When the economy shifted to less retail and more online sales we were forced to make the tough call to close our SC candle shop. It definately stung a bit. To solve that we expanded our storefront at The Barnyard flea market in Greer SC. What a blessing this turned out to be. We have met so many amazing, fun people at that store and at our shows! Nothing touches you more then seeing folks that love what you make. We love our clients and we love the interaction that comes with it. Our clients are amazing!

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